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Reinvent your holidays... Reinvent yourself...

Reinvent everything...with other interested peopleJardiner ses possibles since 1977...

EditorialDifferent holiday experience

L'Espace has been created on a great creative emergence moment : 1977. In that year, Beaubourg revolutionizes the relationship between architecture and creation, hip hop changes musical norms and body language. In this promising context, l'Espace des Possibles, returned to each this question : How to develop your inspiragtion and your « self solutions ».

« L'invention clef a été de marier : club de vacances - techniques d'épanouissement américaine et l'intelligence émotionnelle et collective. »

Before this time, we've been a start-up, a « better living » lab. By focusing on friendship power and G.Brassens' « Friends at first » and on « changing by exchanging » ways, working the paradoxes : solidary et solitary, meeting and silence, ... We imagined a holiday area where poetry and embodied culture would have a right ; an area where we could meet, have a great time, but also to experiment, to think and to go outside of comfort zones. We focused long before co-construction, living and creating power. To control your own life, be more like a « project maker » and also « Be », plainly to relax.

Spirit, charter and statusGet acquainted


Charter of good behaviour and art of living


Give direction to your activities and your holidays




Archive of photographs


L'espace, an Animation School ?


Living and housing conditions


General programme

Charter of good behaviour and art of living

Open to all and respectful of a secular cultural approach, our Association aims to propose leisure and holiday time that promote individual and collective fulfillment.

Through the exchange of knowledge and practices, it is about accompanying in a caring,  encouragement and caution climate. Each one is invited to be all at once « learner » and « resource ». We set out to favorise and organise multiple opportunities develop creativity, critical thinking, collective intelligence , autonomy, diversity, personal journey, human qualities...

Our aim is also to allow everyone to feed his experience by  taking different techniques by integrating it to his daily routine... In a nutshell, we offer to each to cultivate his garden and to fecundate it through networking,  « know-how-to-be » et « know-how ».

The keywords of this approach are : secularism, freedom, festive spirit, collective responsability, involvment, discernment, team spirit, initiative, autonomy, sensibility, trust, accompaniment, project management, médiation, constructive criticism, interior life...

Each member is guarantor of this charter and has to intervene and help to its proper implementation (especially traineeships that have to set an example). Each one commits to not impede to the Association's reputation and to respect societal life rules (security, friendliness, courtesy, good neighbourliness...) and French law. The places where we are welcomed have to be considered as public spaces.

Give direction to your activities and your holidays

Since its creation, this concept of encounters based on the different techniques of humanistic psychology and learning and personal and social fulfillment is constantly developing. Because it has met the enthusiasm of people as many as different, wishing to experiment other forms of leisure where one can both spend pleasant moments and feed his career of multiple techniques.

It was then realized that there were many correspondences between seemingly distant domains. Everyone learns faster when the rules are clear. He must also be touched in his deep motives and have the opportunity to be recognized. Thus the alliance with the entourage is constituted, allowing to discover new possibilities. To explore its possibilities is to embark on a journey of which we have changed a little: we are not only experimenting with different activities and techniques, but we are opening our eyes to the complex world, we are experimenting with other facets of our identity. braiding new situations. We dig, we confront, we dare to push the limits of his personality, we invent new skills, and we garden its possibilities ...

Each year a different color...

This year we chose for theme "the entre deux: an exploration of the beauties and flavors of the world". The upheavals of the time bring about a generalized questioning of identity. It shakes both people and collective entities. Borders are tense. Breathing suffering and loss of bearings, everywhere the lines move, "between" countries, "between" communities, "between" sexes, "between" ages, "between" standards of living, "between" workers. For many, the moments between two are multiplying. We can regret it but the good old days of certainties will not come back. "In between" calls for solutions and special resources to get through. Is there a genius of the two, opening on the flavors and the beauty?


Article 1.
Activities are freely offered between members of the Association. Each member agrees to take responsibility for himself. (In families, it is the caregivers of children (father, mother, guardian ... who take responsibility for minors) who declare themselves able to follow the activities he has chosen both psychologically and physically. Thus, the Association can not be held responsible for activities freely exchanged between its members.The activities are in the field of leisure, enlightened by the human sciences.They take into account the dynamics of holidays and the great diversity of individuals. (including children), so that everyone is respected according to their needs, limitations and pathways.

Article 2.
Each member must be actively responsible for his actions, attentive to collective security, the climate of respect, fluidity and well-being that we create together. Strict vigilance is required with regard to drugs, privacy and the protection of minors. Whatever the activity, the children always remain under the responsibility of their parents. Children under 14 years old must be with their parents before 11 pm, adolescents and minors under 18 must be with their parents or carers by 2 am at the latest.

Article 3.
Any member of the Association agrees to: respect the Charter, give a few hours of participation in collective tasks, as well as a hand before and after the activities to clean the premises, install or store the objects used ... not to involve themselves in too many workshops, (two workshops to follow in moderation, see article 8)

Article 4.
Body techniques are practiced in a spirit of "better living", in a climate of quality, respect for modesty and non-sexuality. This prerequisite framework is imperative.

Article 5.
Discretion is required with respect to privacy. On the other hand, the contents, the processes and the finalities are freely commented and nourish the mutual reflection. Nothing is imposed, at any time someone can stand back.

Article 6.
Everyone is responsible for himself. In a workshop, the exercises are proposed but everyone only participates if he feels able to do it and decides independently that it is good for him. The activities are free except for possible participation and some exceptional costs (tango, rock workshop) or material (visual arts workshops ....).

Article 7.
The members authorize the Association to use the photos or videos, to make known the Association, for her to delete their image on the first request.

Rules for Meetings 2015 on the site "Between Sea and Forest" in Meschers sur Gironde *

Article 8.
The presentation of the various activity projects will take place on Saturday at 6 pm at the proposers' meeting.
Each stakeholder proposes its initiatives and after agreement of the leaders of the Association, subscribes them to the panels.
The Association reserves the right to refuse or interrupt an activity that does not comply with the charter.
In order to allow participants to make an informed choice, it is necessary for the proposer to provide information about himself and his proposal. It is up to him to fill in the "information sheet of the proposer" indicating his background, his experience, his qualification, his objectives, his gratification. He agrees to be confronted about his practice and his ethics. His workshop must be compatible with the holiday atmosphere. Put an M (meaning: workshop to be followed in moderation) if you run personal development workshops, coaching, sophro, NLP, gestalt, art therapy, massage, tantra, yoga nidra, meditation ... These are workshops that put into work the psychic life and the interiority of the individual. The participant after the activity must be spared and change pace by a ballad, dance, carve, write, wash his clothes, go do the dishes...
The proposer must be structuring and stimulating. Stay in the proximal area of ​​development. He adopts the precautionary principle, he is vigilant on the framework of confidentiality and non-violence. It recalls the rules of the Charter. He establishes with his group a contractual framework (for example: closure of the group from the second day, punctuality, commitment to be present during all the expected time, acceptance of the confrontation, etc ...). He encourages his participants to express their expectations, their criticisms, their balance sheet.
For the sake of ethics and protection - both for the participant and for himself - the proponent must find the "right distance". This excludes romance, ambiguous attitudes, seduction and of course, sexual relations with participants. He must remove from his group any person who is fragile or who does not respect the contractual framework.

Archive of photographs

For video/photo/audio/writing proposing trainers, weekly data collection for Newsletter-blog exploitation  will be important for archiving at the end of the week, on friday. It proved to be difficult to retrieve various documents. Every proposing trainer on this kind of shop should pledge to produce a visible record of his production, just like Arts shop do, according to the attendees. It's also necessary to maintain the image rights and privacy.

Everyone is invited, however the shop he's participating, to take pictures, videos and to drop it on the « ressource » computer located on the cybercafé, in an exchange and sharing spirit because everyone is able to download those pictures.

L'espace, an animation school ?

This area is a place where many animations and project partnerings are followed-up. We expect our participants to improve and train them locally, to ensure his global quality on L'Espace or anywhere else. Thus every project promoting a continuous training, with an external professional help, will be supported (Train-the-trainers course).

Interactions and caring debates in meetings between trainers participating to other workshops will be also promoted.

Living and housing conditions

Be up-to-date to the annual membership of the association Espace Jardiner ses Possibles

Pour la ou les semaines où son nom figure sur le programme (brochure and / or website), the traineeship who wants to be lodged on site are allowed by installing his own tent or, if the request is made before May 10, 2015, a "proposing tent" will be loaned by ourself.

Be careful, these tents can be rented before or after your stay. It is therefore imperative to respect some rules, namely: provision of the tent on the Saturday of your arrival from 12pm, release of it imperatively the Saturday of your departure at 9am, this to facilitate the transfer between occupants. Although we understand very well the desire of some proposers to stay on Sunday, our organization does not allow it unless you have your own facility or are hosted outside.

If you wish to have another accommodation, the rental will be at your expense. To reserve the tent or any other accommodation, contact the Domain « Entre Mer et Forêt » by calling 05 46 02 76 79.

Place of activities : « Entre Mer et Forêt » 8 Boulevard de Suzac BP 8 17132 Meschers sur Gironde
Tel. : 05 46 02 76 79 - Fax : 05 46 02 79 16 - -

General programme

The Saturday :
- 9:30am: over a breakfast, the proposers of the past week get together to take stock, oral and written feedback, with handing over the personal balance sheet. We improved the use of participants' evaluation sheets on the workshops they attended: these cards are now more taken into consideration and are included in the personal assessment. Reminder: this assessment is one of the elements of reflection which will make it possible to study and to select the files of proposals of animation of workshops for the following year. It is important to inform it in a "meaningful" way.
- 5:00pm: planning schedules and locations of each workshop. Presence of each proposer, who will have to prepare his time / place poster for his presentation / video sign and presentation card.
- 6:00pm: around a drink, each proposer introduces himself. Grouping by poles, search for synergies, harmonies around the theme of the week, implications in the event and the "staging of the week".
Video presentation of the workshops.

The activities are presented in general assembly on Saturday afternoon at 7:15 pm.

General organization meeting of the week WITH participants AND proposers, especially the coordinators of the week.
Animation of subgroups offers and requests; presentation of the video.

In high season, the inscriptions are done on Sundays, in the meadow:
- 9:30 am: adult registration forum
- 11:00am : children registration forum
- 12:00pm : teen registration forum
- 3:00 pm: beginning of the afternoon workshops. Morning workshops will start on Monday.

Schedules of workshops (possible adjustments for specific reason)

Morning: 9:00am / 10:45am / 11:15am / 1:00pm or 1:30pm
Afternoon : 3:00pm / 4:45pm / 5:15pm / 7:00pm

A half-hour time must be kept between each workshop to allow one to leave one before starting another.

On Wednesday afternoons, some workshops break and Saturday - which is not a departure day for everyone - are reserved for "OPEN SPACE" activities, at the initiative of the proposers or participants.
To predict and regulate from Saturday meeting. The "coordinators" are asked to participate in this program with the person in charge, in order to focus on the theme of the week while leaving room for spontaneous off-topic initiatives.

Monday and Thursday at 7:15pm precise: aperitif regulation. The proposers regulate between them methods, dynamics and evolution of groups (mandatory presence). Anything that stimulates collective thinking is welcome, whether it is during these regulations or during ad hoc meetings.

On Friday from 6:00pm: Synergie, to organize in a meeting during the week, after appointment of the leaders and animators of the evening.